A controversy over the appropriateness of a "critical edition" in German of Rudolf Steiner's written works has been reported in Anthroposophy Worldwide, but the debate has otherwise been conducted mostly in German. Dr. David W. Wood, born 1968 in Australia, an independent researcher living in Munich, has now written a review in English of the critical edition's first publication, Volume 5, Schriften über Mystik, Mysterienwesen und Religionsgeschichte. He has a PhD in philosophy jointly from the Sorbonne (Université Paris IV) in France and the Universität München (LMU) in Germany. Read his review here...

In our Articles section Bill Trusiewicz continues an annual series of reflections on ”Archangel Michael: The Fiery Thought King of the Universe; How Can We Know Him?” with the challenge of ”Freeing Thought from Language.” Recalling Emerson's observation that ”language is fossil poetry,” and Rudolf Steiner's statement that
“…the very essence, the secret of modern initiation: [is] to get beyond words, to a living experience of the spirit,” he points out that ”If we learn the art of thinking without words we will not be misled by the many masters of 'obscure sentences' who are around us and whose most powerful weapons are indisputable logic, apparent outward 'rightness' and misleading definitions—all devices of language.” Read more...

Rudolf Steiner College has announced the appointment of Dr. Elizabeth (Liz) Beaven to the position of College President. Dale Hamad, Chair, RSC Board of Trustees, writes, "Dr. Beaven joined the faculty of Rudolf Steiner College in March 2013 after an extensive career in Waldorf education. She initially served as Dean of Academic Development and has been Dean of Academic Affairs since January. Through these two roles, she gained familiarity with all aspects of College activity including serving on the President's Executive Committee and providing leadership for the Academic Senate. Her background in Waldorf education encompasses thirteen years as a class teacher and eleven years as a school administrator. These years included work with the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America and with accreditation, evaluation, mentoring, and adult education. Liz holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership (University of California, Davis). She focused her research on student experience of Waldorf education. She continues to be an active researcher, writer, and speaker on Waldorf education." [Read more...]

Seeking an Administrative Director and a Programs Director for the Anthroposophical Society in America

The Anthroposophical Society in America is happy to announce that we are continuing the process of restructuring our staff positions in order to better serve anthroposophy and the members of the Anthroposophical Society in America.

As many of you know, our dedicated staff has long been carrying an oversize load, and by defining and increasing positions, we hope to increase our service to the future needs of a thriving Anthroposophical Society in America.

An internal candidate is currently under consideration for the position of Programs Director. Applications, including a letter of interest, CV, and contact information for three references, will be accepted from internal and external candidates for both positions through October 15, 2014. All applications may be sent to: carlacomey13 (at) gmailcom.

From the General Council
Carla Comey, Dennis Dietzel, Linda Evans,
Torin Finser, Virginia McWilliam, Jack Michael, Joan Treadaway

Position descriptions:
Administrative Director
Programs Director

RSF Social Finance is looking for help. "Wanted: 25 Social Enterprise Stars: Can you help us find them? RSF is looking to fund at least 25 new borrowers over the next year—and we’re launching a campaign to find them. We know there are exciting enterprises that could grow with our help, but they may not know about us. That’s why we’re asking you—our investors, borrowers, advisors, partners, and friends—to be our eyes and ears and send compelling candidates our way. Read more on the 25 Social Enterprise Stars page"

"Sergei Prokofieff asked me to offer an appraisal of his work and its intent during his funeral service. I will try to comply with his wish by offering this incomplete sketch." Thus Dr. Peter Selg begins his memorial address, which is included in the September Anthroposophy Worldwide, along with reports on the Goetheanum remodeling, anthroposophy in Turkey, China, Italy, and Japan. Read  here...

A conference centered on Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy of Freedom and inspired by the late Sergei Prokofieff, "Freedom as the Way to Keep Human Identity," was held June 26–30 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Though illnesses and the international tensions in the region kept away some presenters and participants, LoAnn Olin reports that the event was a valuable one. Read her report in the Articles section.

The noted and highly regarded anthroposophist Sergei Olegovich Prokofieff has died July 26th in Switzerland. Author of many books of anthroposophical research and insights into the legacy of Rudolf Steiner and the spiritual situation of humanity, he was a member of the Executive Council at the Goetheanum until failing health required him to step back. He was also formerly leader of the Anthroposophical Society in Russia.

For a list of his books in English translation, see SteinerBooks and Temple Lodge publishers. A brief biography is at Wikipedia.

Services will be held in the Schreinerei, the carpentry hall of the Goetheanum, on Tuesday July 29, and at his request, instead of flowers, friends are asked to make donations to the Anthroposophical Society in Russia.

Spacial Dynamics Level I Training begins

Fri, Oct 17 2014 to Tue, Oct 21 2014
Location: Portland, OR

Five day programs in East, Center and West [more]

Cultivating Humanness in a Technological World

Wed, Oct 22 2014 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Location: Harlemville, NY

Three hour-long talks by Craig Holdrege on Wednesdays, Oct 22 and 29, Nov 5. [more]

Creating Sacred Spaces That Our Children May Thrive

Fri, Oct 24 2014 7:00 PM
Location: San Francisco, CA

with Linda Thomas at the SF Waldorf High School [more]

Painting with Ko Hawkes on the Parzival theme

Sat, Oct 25 2014 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM
Location: Pasadena, CA

at the Los Angeles Branch of the Anthroposophical Society [more]

Have We Learned Anything from Auschwitz?

Sat, Oct 25 2014 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Location: Pasadena, CA

With Joan Jaeckel and Roman Janczak at the Los Angeles Branch of the Anthroposophical Society [more]

The arc from Society to individual is continued with the new "Theme for the Year" 2014-2015 from the Goetheanum: "'The I Knows Itself' – in the Light of Michaelic World Affirmation.' Like the Society, the individual confronts the same challenges as other contemporaries and must also find a connection to the world—as a basis for self-knowledge. Read the article by Constanza Kaliks.

Each spring at the annual meeting of the General Anthroposophical Society at the Goetheanum in Switzerland a theme is offered for study and conversation by groups around the world. The latest and recent themes are available on line here.

The new theme for the current year is “The I Knows Itself” – in the Light of Michaelic World Affirmation. General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in Canada Arie van Ameringen has offered some helpful reflections on this theme that are available now on the ASC website.

A campus view at RSC

Rudolf Steiner College issued the following press release on Wednesday, July 9:

The Board of Rudolf Steiner College is pleased to announce that the College has formally entered into an agreement with Meristem, a new nonprofit, to work together on the campus in Fair Oaks, California. Meristem will provide educational services to young adults on the autism spectrum, while new resources will be provided to the College to enhance its standing as the preeminent center for Waldorf teacher education internationally.

“This is a major step forward for Rudolf Steiner College,” said Betty Staley, Interim President of the College. “With this additional support, the College will be able to undertake many positive steps—upgrading facilities, enhancing administrative and faculty staffing, designing new educational offerings, and building the infrastructure leading to full accreditation. We are most enthused about this agreement.”

Meristem’s efforts will be closely aligned with the College. Its offerings are inspired by the work of Ruskin Mill Trust in England and The Center for Transformative Movement in the United States. The agreement is the culmination of months of discussions between the Board and leadership of Rudolf Steiner College and the Board of Meristem.

The website theconversation.com presents a clear, concise account from down under of Steiner/Waldorf education entitled "For creativity, capability and resilience, Steiner schools work." The author, an educational developer at Victoria University in Melbourne named Tao Bak, "attended a Steiner school for part of his education."

The first thing that strikes a visitor to a Steiner school is often the aesthetic quality of the surroundings and the emphasis on artistic activities. The schools are usually small, multi-age, and teachers, students and parents appear calm. Based on a holistic and integrated approach, the Steiner curriculum aims to develop the various dimensions of the growing child. This includes cognitive, emotional, ethical and spiritual aspects. ... Through its focus on capabilities, creativity and resilience, Steiner education aligns with many of the goals of 21st century education. The view of Rudolf Steiner was that the human being must be free and autonomous. The research, although limited, appears to endorse the effectiveness of Steiner education in attaining its broader goals.

[Read more...]

The summer email from the Youth Section has arrived, full of articles, news, and events. And inspiring words from Rudolf Steiner:

'We can already sense the life of the future in embryonic from, and we need to foster it through festivals of hope and expectation. Hope and expectation (not sharply defined ideals) must bind us together in these festivals. The image of Michael with his guiding eyes and hands and his spiritual armor must stand before us.' (Breslau, June 9th 1924)

Read it here...

Founded by Rudolf Steiner, the Anthroposophical Society supports individuals in working on inner development and in bringing its fruits to benefit the world. More...

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