An Elderberries Threefold Cafe in Chicago

Thu, Aug 24 2017 to Sat, Sep 30 2017

Location: Chicago
Category: Central Region, Society-Threefolding, Social Art, Nutrition, Youth

Will you invest in the future?

We are called, my friends, to create centers for young people to meet, where they can discover who they are in the light of anthroposophy, where they can work on their inner development, where they can work thru their karma together, with us, each learning from the other.

We can save the Rudolf Steiner Branch by making it a home base in a network that supports Youth Initiatives, bringing the Old & Young Souls together.

This goes hand in hand with the practical application of the Threefold Social Organism, so needed in the world, which they are coming now to implement through practical anthroposophy.

Please help us pave the way for a Threefold Cafe in the heartland!