Rudolf Steiner's "The Trial of the Soul" continues

Tue, Feb 09 2016 8:00 PM to Tue, Mar 22 2016 9:00 PM
Location: Online (Eastern Time - US)

A twelve-part online series with Barbara Renold (prior sessions are recorded and available to new registrants)

Category: Online or Teleconference, Mystery Drama, Karma-Reincarnation, Biography

Soul Journey: How the Waldorf Curriculum Unfolds Healthy Child Development

Wed, Feb 17 2016 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Location: ONLINE - Webinar (Eastern Time)

Early Childhood through the Middle Years, a free webinar with Elizabeth Roosevelt

Category: Online or Teleconference, Anthroposophy-General, Waldorf Education

Youth Section February Days at the Goetheanum

Thu, Feb 25 2016 to Sun, Feb 28 2016
Location: Dornach, SWITZERLAND

Sexuality & Spirituality: about the transformation of the creative forces and possibilities of freedom

Category: Goetheanum Event, Freedom, Sexuality, Youth, Section for the Spiritual Striving of Youth

In Search of Self-Renewal in the Canary Islands

Wed, Mar 30 2016 to Thu, Apr 14 2016

A Eurythmy and Nature Drawing Retreat

Category: International, Eurythmy, Painting-Drawing, Self-Development

Shakespeare Festival at Rudolf Steiner House, London

Thu, Apr 21 2016 to Sun, Apr 24 2016
Location: London, ENGLAND

With performances, workshops, lectures and musical, poetic and theatrical activities to honor the occasion

Category: International, Literary Arts & Humanities, Theater, Section for the Literary Arts & Humanities

Following Your Lead

Fri, May 06 2016 7:30 PM to Sat, May 07 2016 5:20 PM
Location: Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

With Jaimen McMillan & Johanna Kalkreuth as guides, participants in this course will "learn the ropes" of leadership through Spacial Dynamics exercises and Equine Facilitated Counseling.

Category: Canada, Spacial Dynamics, Teacher Training, Self-Development, Organizational Development, Curative Education, Adult Education, Community Development

Italy Odyssey

Mon, Jun 27 2016 to Tue, Jul 12 2016
Location: ITALY

with Margot Amrine & Gillian Schoemaker

Category: International, History, Travel, Singing, Eurythmy

A Kenyan Eco-Safari...through Goethe's Eyes

Thu, Aug 04 2016 to Sat, Aug 20 2016
Location: KENYA

Patterns of Nature in East Africa: A Holistic View

Category: International, Ecology-Environment, Goethean Science, Phenomenology

Encountering Our Humanity: From Knowledge to Conscious Action

Sun, Aug 07 2016 to Sun, Aug 14 2016
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

A North American Anthroposophical Conference

Category: Canada, Anthroposophy-General