The Artistry of World Language Teaching

Sun, Jul 20 2014 to Fri, Jul 25 2014
Location: Fair Oaks (Sacramento), CA

Planning Lessons that Nourish Thinking, Feeling and Willing

Category: Western Region, Waldorf Education, Language

Playing the Lyre with Joy

Wed, Jul 30 2014 to Sun, Aug 03 2014
Location: Portland, OR

A Lyre Association of America Summer Conference in Portland, Oregon, featuring guest master lyrist and teacher Hajime Kira from Japan

Category: Western Region, Music

Mercury Standing in the Balance: Visual Arts Conference

Fri, Aug 01 2014 to Sun, Aug 03 2014
Location: Fair Oaks (Sacramento), CA

The Genesis and Task of the Anthroposophical Art Impulse, with Christian Hitsch, at Rudolf Steiner College

Category: Western Region, Arts, Architecture, Painting, Sculpture, Section for the Visual Arts

The Keys of Music with Daniel Hafner and Margaret Shipman

Sun, Aug 03 2014 to Mon, Aug 04 2014
Location: Pasadena, CA

At the Los Angeles Branch of the Anthroposophical Society

Category: Western Region, Music

Anthroposophic Psychology Counseling Certificate Program

Mon, Aug 04 2014 to Fri, Aug 08 2014
Location: Fair Oaks (Sacramento), CA

Psychology for body, soul and spirit... Sponsored by APANA Services, at Rudolf Steiner College

Category: Western Region, Psychology-Psychosophy

Art Retreat: Rainbows...Transitions...A Seed Impulse of Red...

Fri, Aug 08 2014 to Tue, Aug 12 2014
Location: Crestone, Colorado

with Jennifer Thomson & Philip Incao

Category: Western Region, Painting

Medicine for Earth and Man: the Earthworm, the Cow, and the Bee

Fri, Aug 15 2014 to Sun, Aug 17 2014
Location: Fair Oaks (Sacramento), CA

A Biodynamic Conference at Rudolf Steiner College, sponsored by the Biodynamic Association

Category: Western Region, Biodynamics, Ecology-Environment, Medicine and Health

Nature's Colors: a Landscape Painting Art Retreat

Fri, Aug 22 2014 to Tue, Aug 26 2014
Location: Crestone, CO

with Jennifer Thomson

Category: Western Region, Painting