West Coast Collaborative Puppetry Conference 2017

Thu, Jul 27 2017 to Mon, Jul 31 2017
Location: Olympia, WA

Cultivating Moral Imagination Through Puppetry and Storytelling

Category: Western Region, Puppetry, Storytelling, Waldorf Education

Dementia, Eating Disorders, & Narcissism from an Anthroposophic Psychology Perspective

Mon, Jul 31 2017 7:30 PM
Location: San Francisco, CA

Workshops & Lectures with James Dyson, MD, Roberta Nelson, PhD, David Tresemer, PhD

Category: Western Region, Psychology-Psychosophy, Self-Development

Watercolor Painting

Mon, Aug 07 2017 8:45 AM to Sat, Aug 12 2017 1:00 PM
Location: Santa Monica, CA

An Intensive Course for Waldorf Teachers and Parents and others wishing to explore a new and vital approach to color

Category: Western Region, Painting-Drawing, Self-Development, Waldorf Education

August Art Retreat

Fri, Aug 11 2017 9:00 AM to Tue, Aug 15 2017 4:00 PM
Location: Crestone, Colorado

Goethe's Color Circle: Color work based on Goethe's color theory & Rudolf Steiner's Color indications

Category: Western Region, Painting-Drawing

Experience the Total Eclipse of the Sun in Oregon

Sat, Aug 19 2017 7:00 PM to Mon, Aug 21 2017 6:00 PM
Location: Portland, OR

With Dr. Oliver Conradt, and Mary Stewart Adams

Category: Western Region, Astrosophy - Star Wisdom, Section for Natural Science, Mathematics & Astronomy

Virginia Sease: Three Lectures in Phoenix, Arizona

Fri, Aug 25 2017 to Sun, Aug 27 2017
Location: Phoenix, AZ

on the Significance of Music, the Meaning of Silence, and Experience of the Geographic Double

Category: Western Region, American Spiritual Paths, Music, Geography, School for Spiritual Science

Landscape Painting Retreat

Fri, Aug 25 2017 9:00 AM to Mon, Aug 28 2017 4:00 PM
Location: Crestone, Colorado

Experience Nature through Art with Jennifer Thomson The Seasons inspired by Monet

Category: Western Region, Painting-Drawing

ASA Fall Conference & Annual General Meeting

Fri, Oct 13 2017 to Sun, Oct 15 2017
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Register now online

Category: Western Region, Anthroposophical Society

An Introduction to the Nature of Healing

Fri, Oct 13 2017 to Sun, Oct 15 2017
Location: Kelowna, BC, CANADA

A Seminar and Workshop in Kelowna, British Columbia

Category: Canada, Western Region

The Importance of Sleep

Fri, Oct 13 2017 7:00 PM to Sat, Oct 14 2017 5:00 PM
Location: San Francisco, CA

A Conference for Teachers and Parents

Category: Western Region, Early Childhood, Waldorf Education

The Sign of Five

Tue, Oct 24 2017 7:30 PM to Thu, Oct 26 2017 9:00 PM
Location: Seattle, WA

Presenter: Thomas Meyer

Category: Western Region, Anthroposophy-General, Freedom, Initiation
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