being human online: Judith Kiely retires, library survey, science conference

being human online - june 12 2017 - john beck, editor

“Toward reality in understanding the cosmos”

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Appreciation for librarian Judith Kiely

Judith Kiely will be retiring from her position as Librarian of the Rudolf Steiner Library at the end of June 2017. She has worked at the library since 2001, under the directorship of Fred Paddock until 2002, Judith Soleil until 2013, and Maurice York until 2015.

As a professional librarian since 2011, Judith has done extensive work in cataloging, digitization, and preservation. Since 2015, after overseeing the move into the library’s current location in Hudson, NY, Judith has been responsible for the day-to-day functioning and administration of the library, and the training and coordination of its staff and volunteers.

Judith has always shown great dedication to the members of the Anthroposophical Society in her work. She will be missed! We are grateful for her devotion, care, and many years of service, and wish her all the best in her retirement.

We are pleased to announce that Nadia Bedard will return to the Rudolf Steiner Library this summer to carry its circulation functions and basic member services. Nadia worked with Judith Kiely at the library for two and a half years before graduate work at the Institute of Peace in Costa Rica. Jennifer Locke, a librarian who has been working with Judith, is off for the summer.

Rudolf Steiner Library Survey Results

In early May the General Council of the Anthroposophical Society sent a survey to members of the Anthroposophical Society regarding the future of the Rudolf Steiner Library. The purpose of the survey was to hear what members thought of a proposal to transfer the library to a new, nonprofit, tax-exempt, anthroposophical entity. Over 3200 members were contacted, including 400+ by regular mail. There were over 370 responses to the survey. 90.35% of the responding members were in favor and 9.65% did not support the proposal. With this support from the membership, the General Council will move to the next step of drafting and negotiating the terms of a written transfer agreement. No transfer of the library will take place until the details are worked out and there is agreement among all parties. No disruption in library services is anticipated. There will be further details in the next print issue of being human which comes out in July.

Toward Reality in Understanding the Cosmos

The Natural Science Section in North America of the School for Spiritual Science has been doing fascinating work as reported in print issues of being human. Our spring issue shared a report on last fall's Section meeting in Ann Arbor and the question of evolving science. We were able to include a remarkable paper by Professor Frederick Amrine of the University of Michigan, "The Beauty of Anthroposophy, or: What’s Scientific about Spiritual Science?" You can read the report and paper online.

The Section is now inviting participation in its fall 2017 conference:

June 5, 2017

Dear Friends and members of the Natural Science Section,

Save-the-date: November 9-12, 2017 the Natural Science Section in North America will hold its annual conference and members meeting at the Rudolf Steiner House in Ann Arbor, MI.

The theme this year will be Rudolf Steiner’s Third Scientific Course ("The Relationship of the Various Fields of Natural Science to Astronomy," CW323).

Prof. Fred Amrine has translated and edited a new edition of this lecture cycle which contrasts the restricted application of mathematics and mechanical causation in the modern discipline of Astronomy with a more human-centered, phenomenological-Goethean approach to the Cosmos—moving away from abstraction towards reality.

Besides the inherent personal enrichment these lectures afford, it is hoped that you can participate—through attendance at the conference and/or through a discussion forum to be set up on our website—in the construction of commentaries upon this lecture cycle to be included in the final publication.

Toward that end, everyone participating will need to read the 199 pages of the pre-publication manuscript! Fred has agreed to distribute the manuscript (three pdf files) to all participants attending the conference or contributing through the forum.

As a commitment to the task, however, before we send you the manuscript, we ask that you "put some skin in the game" and contribute a small, non-refundable pre-registration fee of $25, in order to receive the pdf files. The pre-registration form may be found on our website under the Conferences heading:

Steering Group
John Barnes, Judith Erb, Jennifer Greene, Barry Lia, Andrew Linnell

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