Welcome to the Central Region of the Anthroposophical Society in America website.

Regional activities within the central region are coordinated by the Central Regional Council (CRC) of the Anthroposophical Society in America.  The CRC is an initiative group rather than a governing body.  It has no legal or administrative responsibility other than to support the life of Anthroposophy in the central region.  The way in which this mandate has been taken up, through the years, is a reflection of the individuals who have comprised the council and also responds to the needs of the times in which we live.

The mission of the CRC is to help provide opportunities for human beings longing for the spirit to meet each other soul to soul.  The Central Region of the Anthroposophical Society includes members in states from Ohio to Texas, Mississippi to the Dakotas.  We see networking across this region, where many members live far from centers of anthroposophical activity, as one of our most important tasks.

For more background information about the history, development and work of the CRC click here

The current membership of the CRC, in order of length of time served, is as follows:

*  Marianne Fieber

Viroqua, WI – since 2006

(608) 606-3505 or  email

*  Mary Louise Hershberger

Fargo, ND – since 2007

(701) 232-8015 or   email

*  Dennis Dietzel

Twin Cities, MN – since 2009

(612) 655-2170 or  email

*  Alberto Loya

Ann Arbor, MI – since 2010

(734) 975-6946 or   email

*  Hazel Archer-Ginsberg

Chicago, IL – since 2013

(773) 549-3026 or   email

Speaking with the Stars Initiative:

The Central Regional Council is very excited to be embarking on this new impulse in our regional work toward strengthening our relationship to the heavens while standing firmly on the earth. To this end, we will not be meeting at the beginning of May as we have in recent years. The form of our annual gathering is metamorphosing as we engage in a region-wide series of activities leading to a collaborative Speaking with the Stars event during the Easter season of 2015. During this current year, 2014, we will actively work on preparing ourselves and those interested members and friends within our region by coming to greater familiarity with the heavens and cosmic events; the night sky, the phases of the moon, the celestial dance of planetary bodies and how we may engage in a more conscious conversation.

We are collaborating with regional member Mary Stewart Adams on this project. We are being guided and informed by her years of research and experiences as an astrosopher, Star lore historian and member of the School for Spiritual Science.


We now have a Facebook Group where we can share our stories and pictures, post questions and comments, and see how others are doing.

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If you need instructions to create a Facebook account, please follow this link: http://anthroposophy.us8.list-manage.com/track/click?u=4b05ac6744c0dd031b31b8671&id=cf4b731c98&e=bb44136102