By way of the Social Science Section newsletter and John Moses in Virginia we heard about this video created by a parent at the Richmond Waldorf School. It's here on YouTube. Parents, teachers, students, alums shine in this well-made short movie. John says, “I would like to imagine that all can hold this initiative in their hearts. So much still needs to happen for this seedling to grow fully into a vibrant presence in this geographic area, welcoming the future.”

Jesse Osmer gives us a short video for the mood of the April student gathering at the Goetheanum. "There's a new world to be invented." You can read online the full summer newsletter from the Goetheanum Youth Section.

The June issue of Anthroposophy Worldwide (2015/06) includes a review by Dr. Virginia Sease, "How did the idea of a School of Spiritual Science evolve?" In his book on the School of Spiritual Science and the Michael School published by the Ita Wegman Institute, Peter Selg traces the origin and other aspects of Rudolf Steiner’s esoteric school. [ Read more... ]

Other contents of this issue include "Inverse temple" on Rudolf Steiner and art; Goetheanum Finances; the new Faust staging; a new edition of the Tone Eurythmy course; new performances of Steiner's Mystery Dramas by groups from Vienna and Weimar.

Also, the Asian Waldorf Teachers Conference in Japan; on anthroposophy in Colombia; on the Habiba Organic Farm in Sinai and the situation of the Sekem community in Egypt.

From the General Anthroposophical Society Annual General Meeting are minutes and reports from Bodo von Plato, Joan Sleigh, and Seija Zimmermann. Branch and member news is followed by an essay on "Anthroposophy as a science of peace." [ Read or download here ]

Update: A further report focuses on the huge role of almond growing, which requires up to 80% of available US commercial beehives for a few weeks in February...

Tom Philpott, the food and ag correspondent for Mother Jones, reported last week that "Bee Die-Offs Are Worst Where Pesticide Use Is Heaviest." And while winter die-offs have slackened, unprecedented summer losses put the total at twice what beekeepers consider the normal, acceptable rate of hive loss. "A growing weight of science [has] implicated pesticides—particularly a ubiquitous class of insecticides called neonicitinoids, as well as certain fungicides—as likely factors." Tom's column gives details.

The 2015/16 Theme for the Year from the Goetheanum is a further expansion of last year's theme: "'The I Knows Itself' – in the Light of Michaelic World Affirmation and World Connection." It is being presented for the first time in contributions from several authors over the course of the year.

The offerings to date are now online, including an introduction from Christiane Haid and Bodo von Plato, "World Affirmation in Knowledge" by Helmut Goldmann, "From World Affirmation to World Connection" by Paul Mackay, and "Interest in Others as a Principle of World Affirmation" by Michaela Glöckler. Themes from the previous six years are also available.

Back in 1994 an exhibit called Truth and Beauty went on display at the Cathedral of St. John in New York City. It was prepared by the Phoenix Arts Group, Larry and Kathie Young, and was an extensive display of the art work, grade by grade, of Waldorf School students.

We're not surprised that twenty-one years later Harlan Gilbert of the faculty of the Green Meadow Waldorf School (in Chestnut Ridge, NY) alerts us that the Best of Waldorf Art website has been developed by students at Green Meadow. Along with the main site it has a Facebook page. "If students at your schools wish to, they can submit their art via the link on the website. Do encourage them to do so! Enjoy the beauty!" How wonderful is that? Thanks students! Thanks Larry and Kathie!

Thea Maria Carlson has been named co-director with Robert Karp of the Biodynamic Association (BDA). Founded in 1938, the BDA is considered to be the oldest sustainable agriculture organization in North America.

The BDA's website states that “Thea has been serving as Director of Programs and will now work together with Robert Karp to collaboratively lead the BDA in its next steps to promote, support and develop biodynamic agriculture in North America. Inspired by the many pioneering businesses and nonprofits profiled in Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux, Thea and Robert have already begun to implement several of the 'teal' organizational management principles outlined in the book, supporting staff in taking greater responsibility and ownership for their work through self-management practices, encouraging wholeness through incorporating biography and mindfulness into meetings, and tapping into the evolutionary purpose of the organization through ongoing collaborative visioning work.”  Read more. 

Village University Celebration of Knowledge, Devotion and the Arts

Sun, Jun 21 2015 to Wed, Jul 08 2015
Location: Concord, MA

The following offers highlights of the Center for American Studies' upcoming 2015 Village University... [more]

Introduction to Uncovering the Voice

Sat, Jul 04 2015 6:00 PM to Sun, Jul 05 2015 12:00 PM
Location: Milwaukee, WI

With Christiaan Boele [more]

Waldorf Teacher Development Summer Intensive

Sun, Jul 05 2015 to Fri, Jul 24 2015
Location: Milwaukee, WI

Offered by Great Lakes Waldorf Institute [more]

Nurturing Family Life - For Adults and Children

Mon, Jul 06 2015 to Fri, Jul 10 2015
Location: San Rafael, CA

Summer Program 2015 - Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training [more]

Heart-Tending and Spiritual Presence

Thu, Jul 09 2015 to Sun, Jul 12 2015
Location: Mount Desert Island, ME

with Cheryl and Robert Sardello [more]

The next packed issue of our little magazine is on its way to members. Since Easter is the start of the year for Rudolf Steiner's Calendar of the Soul, we'd like to share Herbert Hagen's suggested dates for that little guide to being a citizen of the Earth and Cosmos, week by week. Don't know the Calendar? Our 2012 centenary articles will explain. Another page in the new issue recalls Paul Margulies with his wonderful humorous-serious verse on "Thinking about Thinking."

Before the spring Lilipoh arrives we wanted to mention winter's "New Ways to Learn," with intriguing topics like "Whose Idea is Your Child Thinking?" Editor Christy Korrow writes:

Just as Buddha said there are 86,000 ways to find enlightenment, there are possibly just as many ways we can learn. Who said that adults with special needs can't learn German? Or that we can't learn while walking; or that urban college graduates can't learn to farm? Throughout the pages of this issue, you'll read about those who are learning to see the world with new eyes, developing new habits of thought, and expanding the definition of who they are.


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