The Rudolf Steiner Library is the lending and mail-order library of the Anthroposophical Society in America.
The library will be re-opening for local lending on November 1!
Mail-order lending will resume on November 15.

Winter hours:
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 10 am - 3 pm.

We are still in our temporary location in Philmont, NY, and about midway through our preservation project.

Mailing address for returning books:
Rudolf Steiner Library
POB 800
Philmont NY 12565-0800

The Rudolf Steiner Library houses an eclectic collection of rare breadth and depth—we encourage you to explore it.

  • Over 27,000 volumes.
  • All available Rudolf Steiner titles in both English and German.
  • Hundreds of unpublished manuscripts of Steiner essays and lectures in English.
  • Extensive commentary on Steiner's life and work.
  • Works by other anthroposophical authors, classic and contemporary, in both English and German.
  • Waldorf education: curriculum, child development, and other topics of particular interest to teachers and parents.
  • Books covering the full spectrum of Western spirituality. 
  • Select volumes on Eastern and other spiritual traditions.
  • Growing multimedia selection: CDs, DVDs, online resources.

When reopened, we will again offer bibliographic research on specific themes and topics.

Click here to read tributes to, and articles by, long-time librarian Fred Paddock who died in 2012.

An update on the transition plan for the Rudolf Steiner Library was handed out at the 2014 Annual General Meeting in Fair Oaks, California. "This document gives a brief progress report for the last year, an updated vision and goals for the library, and a proposed governance and financial model for the future sustainability of the library. The report weaves together a number of themes that create a picture of what the library has accomplished over the last nine months, and the promise for what is to come." Open the PDF report here.

The August 2014 RSL Newsletter includes an overview by Maurice York, "The Seed for a New Flowering," and reports by Seth Jordan, "Giving Care: The Youth Section Work Week," and Judith Kiely and Deb Abrahams-Dematte, "Preserving the Library’s Treasures." Click here to view or print!

Rudolf Steiner Library
PO Box 800, Philmont, NY 12565-0800
Phone: (518) 672-7690
Email: rsteinerlibrary (at) gmailcom

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