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Current Job Offer (2 total)
Development Coordinator Employment
8/14/2017 12:27PM
Camphill Village Kimberton Hills is seeking an experienced enthusiastic development professional to join our community's efforts. FT. Description of the position is available by request.
Posted By: Diedra | P.O Box 1045 Kimberton PA 19442 | Tel: 610-935-0300 ext 16 | Fax: 610-935-8896 |
Coworker Wanter
8/03/2017 12:22PM
Coworker wanted to assist in the daily work and play of a community of 40 people: adults with developmental challenges, houseparents and their children, volunteers, and staff. Experience with the disabled is preferred. Contribute to the day to day care of our residents in their households and support them in workshops or other ongoing activities, depending on your experience or special interests. Private studio apartment, family-style meals, salary, PTO, health, dental, retirement.
Posted By: Kristen | PO Box 137, 63 Memorial Highway Temple NH 03084 | Tel: 603-878-4796 | Fax: 603-878-4111 |