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How To Know Higher Worlds
The classic guide to the spiritual journey by Rudolf Steiner
$14.95 + $3.50shp

In this simple, readable volume, Rudolf Steiner sets out step-by-step practices for developing the higher powers that lie hidden in all of us. 

Start Now!
A book of soul and spiritual exercises
by Rudolf Steiner
$20.00 + $3.50shp

Meditation instructions, meditations, exercises, verses for living a spiritual year, prayers for the dead and other practices for beginning and experienced practitioners.

Michael's Struggle With The Dragon
Facing Evil In Our Time - four lectures
by René Querido / Werner Glas
$9.00 + $3.50shp

Path to an Understanding of the Foundation Stone Meditation 
by Ernst Katz and René Querido
$6.00 + $3.50shp

With an introduction by Joan Almon, this book is for those seeking a better understanding of Rudolf Steiner's Foundation Stone Meditation. Both René Querido and Ernst Katz offer their reflections and thoughts on this verse given by Steiner at the Christmas Conference of 1923 in Dornach, Switzerland.

Stairway of Surprise
Six Steps to a Creative Life
by Michael Lipson
$14.95 + $3.50shp

Stumbling through life, gazing at the stars, we can miss the greatest treasure beneath our feet. For the ordinary faculties of our soul – how we think, how we feel, how we act – are the rough and fallen forms of our highest spiritual capacities.

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Journal for Anthroposophy

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